John Robilette | Concert Pianist, Cultural Diplomat
Polish Embassy in Washington, 2006.


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Fanfare Magazine
The Chemistry of Sounds
A well-known U.S. pianist John Robilette recently gave a recital at Minsk Philharmonic within the framework of the “Minsk Music Spring-2007” festival. Mr. Robilette is not only a distinguished touring pianist but also a dedicated music teacher. During his stay in Belarus, he gave a master class for piano students at the Belarusian State Academy of music. Belorysy I Rynok cultural correspondent Larissa Mikhalchuk discussed with the U.S. visitor the peculiarities of music education in the united States and Europe as well as the specifics of being a musician…
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Review Excerpts

  • “With his mature and impressive virtuosity, John Robilette succeeds in creating new life for Liszt and his contemporaries like Schumann and Chopin. This excellent interpreter also proved himself a sensitive, masterful performer. Only an artist with a great deal of experience can present unique interpretations such as this.”
    Rundschau-Asserferner Nachrichten
    Reutte/Garmisch (Tyrol), Austria
    May 11, 2011
  • “The pianist, John Robilette gave a very convincing recital in the hall of the Working community, 'Am Bruckwald,' with crystal clear playing, clear rhythms and a very sensitive touch..His playing is like the 'Golden Age' of piano playing. What is meant by that? One observes that his technique is at the service of art, it is not an end in itself.”
    Badische Zeitung
    Waldkirch, Germany
    May 17, 2008
  • “Remarkable depth and feeling.”
    Main Post
    Wertheim, Germany
    May 5, 2008
  • “Robilette impressed the audience with his transparent, technically accomplished playing...The performances of the 'Chaconne in G Major' by Handel, Carl Maria von Weber's 'Invitation to the Dance', Op. 65 and 'Zwolf Landler' were done brilliantly...In the F Minor Fantaisie of Chopin, the audience experienced Tristesse, gloomy bass parts, always starting out with Chopinesque lightness - all stirred with virtuosity, a real pyrotechnical experience.”
    Wertheim, Germany
    May 6, 2008
  • “He gave a fantastic interpretation of Schumann...Robilette's playing is remarkable for its clarity of expression and depth of feeling. An exceptional musician given to few dramatic physical gestures, he fascinates us repeatedly.”
    Frankische Landzeitung
    Nuremburg/Ansbach, Germany
    April 16, 2007
  • “....Horowitzean flair.......far ranging dynamism, and admittedly at times with a splashy style, yet by no means without the humor of a true virtuoso.”
    Reykjavik, Iceland
    April 23, 2007
  • “It was a magical evening in Washington, with a spectacular pianist playing Chopin and Paderewski in the exquisite halls of the Library of Congress.”
    The Washington Times
    Washington, D.C.
    October 11, 2005
  • “...great pianist.”
    The San Diego Union-Tribune
    San Diego, California
    October 7, 2005
  • “John Robilette presented an outstanding program of music by Frederick Chopin...He is intimately familiar with Chopin's nuances.”
    State Magazine
    U.S. Department of State
    November 2005
  • “Instantly noticeable from Robilette's the sheer beauty and quality of sound that he produces from his instrument. This is a very enjoyable disc.”(“John Robilette Live at Wigmore Hall in London,” Musicians Showcase Recordings, MS 1043).
    International Piano
    London, UK
    November/December 2002
  • “It is always refreshing to encounter an artist of individuality, such as the American pianist, John Robilette, whose soundworld and style recalls the 'old school' of Cortot and Schnabel...Robilette's intensely poetic approach recalls those magnetic interpreters of the past...a Beethoven interpreter of remarkable quality.”
    Arietta (Journal of the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe)
    London, UK
  • “Robilette gives a fine performance. Competition is tough, but Robilette holds his own...Robilette plays the Mozart Rondo the way Schnabel or Edwin Fischer would have...”(John Robilette Piano Concerti, Saint-Saens, Mozart, Beethoven, Musicians Showcase Recordings, MS 1031).
    American Record Guide
    May/June 2001
  • “The American Pianist, John Robilette is a musician of engaging individuality, with a tellingly attractive piano tone and idiosyncratic interpretive approach...It was this blend of intriguing musical idiosyncracy and outlook that captivated the enthusiastic audience at his recital at London's St. John's...With such unusual programming and readings, yet with a strikingly attractive piano tone, John Robilette is a musician to watch, and listen out for.”
    Music and Vision Magazine
    London, UK
    June 18, 2001
  • “The playing of the American artist was clear, sparkling at times. The sound was full, moist and rich; the toucher suave...Is the facility with which the artist knew how to find the right tone in Debussy to be attributed to his "French" education with former assistants to Alfred Cortot? Nobody could tell, but the fact is the Poissons d'or, la plus que lente, and the Prelude from Pour le piano suited him marvelously well...Does he have a slight penchant to the nonchalance and carefree nuance?”
    Luxembourger Wort
    April 4, 2000
  • “The Variations symphoniques is an excellent performance, very sensitively played by the soloist and supported by the fine Russian orchestra under an American conductor. He also gives us a beautiful version of the Prelude, Chorale et Fugue, lively playing of a piece that can be tedious. John Robilette also offers idiomatic versions of miniatures by Faure, and Poulenc along with three of the four Chopin Impromptus”(“French Piano Album,” ProArte, CDS 3491). Editorial Reviews
  • “The playing is first-rate, the sound unfailingly beautiful.”
    Clasical Pulse
    rating: ****
    December, 1994
  • “This is very expressive pianism...”
    Fanfare Magazine
    November/December, 1994
  • “Pianist John Robilette's recital yesterday...was notable not only for the degree of musicianship Robilette brought to it, but also for its elegance. Robilette is a first class artist who seems able to intuit effortlessly the composer's intent...”
    The Washington Post
    Washington, D.C.
    September 26, 1994
  • “There is a fine-tuned sense of discipline underlying his free-spirited phrasing of four Chopin impromptus and in Poulenc's playful ‘Mouvements Perpetuels.' He shows a solid mastery of structural relationship in ‘Franck's Symphonic Variations (recorded in Moscow with Paul Freeman conducting the Russian State Orchestra). Disarming romanticism comes through in Faure's Nocturne in A-Flat. And virtuoso technique is on display in Franck's Prelude, Chorale and Fugue.”
    The Washington Post
    Washington, D.C.
    September 25, 1994
  • “Robilette takes the technique for granted and establishes a secure niche in a highly crowded field.”
    The Washington Post
    Washington, D.C.
    March 6, 1994
  • “John Robilette is without doubt an excellent interpreter.”
    El Nacional
    Caracas, Venezuela
    January 19, 1989
  • “John Robilette gave a wonderful concert at the Teatro Auditorium last evening.”
    Mar del Plata Musical
    LU6 Emisor Antlantico Radio
    Mar del Plata, Argentina
    November 29, 1988
  • “I was surprised in particular by the quality of touch...revealing the close influence of Cortot...This pianist is an artist with vast knowledge.”
    El Nacional
    Caracas, Venezuela
    October 6, 1988
  • “ outstanding pianist.”
    Radio Splendid
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    September 18, 1988
  • “...a concert artist of the first rank.”
    High Fidelity Magazine
    New York, NY
    August, 1987
  • “...he has great musical ability and is enviably gifted. When he played Franz Liszt, (Mephisto Waltz) we would almost say the pianist 'warmed up', and succeeded in giving a performance that was flawless both technically and musically. He integrated the harmonic structure with the melody line and adjusted the rhythm to the color of the sound and, by displaying his technical virtuosity, delighted us by conveying the full musical genius of this composer. At the end of the concert at the audiences insistence, Robilette played the Fauré Nocturne and then Chopin again, where the pianist gave free rein to his romantic soul and demonstrated his clear affinity for this musical era. ”
    Primeiro de Janeiro
    Porto, Portugal
    February, 1987
  • “Virtuosity and expressivness were called for in equal justice and the artist did justice to both.”
    Der Bund
    Bern, Switzerland
    January, 1987
  • “John Robilette, earnest and mild-mannered young pianist performed elegantly, smoothly, and effectively in the concerto (Beethoven No. 4).”
    Wisconsin State Journal
    Madison, Wisconsin
    July 28, 1969