John Robilette | Concert Pianist, Cultural Diplomat
Concert at National Philharmonic Hall in Minsk


  • “...a concert artist of the first rank.”
    High Fidelity Magazine
    New York, NY
    August, 1987
  • “...he has great musical ability and is enviably gifted. When he played Franz Liszt, (Mephisto Waltz) we would almost say the pianist 'warmed up', and succeeded in giving a performance that was flawless both technically and musically. He integrated the harmonic structure with the melody line and adjusted the rhythm to the color of the sound and, by displaying his technical virtuosity, delighted us by conveying the full musical genius of this composer. At the end of the concert at the audiences insistence, Robilette played the Fauré Nocturne and then Chopin again, where the pianist gave free rein to his romantic soul and demonstrated his clear affinity for this musical era. ”
    Primeiro de Janeiro
    Porto, Portugal
    February, 1987
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